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Yesterday was an amazing day at Shalimar United Methodist Church. We heard from two amazing young preachers that were raised in the church and are pursuing God’s call to full-time ministry. Lori Galambos is headed into her final year at Duke Divinty School. She preached in our 8:00 Traditions service that rather than being a people who “limp between two opinions,” we are to limp as those who have “struggled with God.” Hunter Griffin Bethea is halfway through his undergraduate work at the University of Alabama. In our 9:30 Connect service he challenged us to be modern day Elijah’s (whose name means “My God is Yahweh”) pointing people to God, uniting people rather than dividing them, and listening to God’s voice. We were so honored and inspired to hear both of these servants of God proclaim His message to His people. You can find both sermons here:

In this series we will explore one of the three “offices” or appointed roles of the Old Testament: prophet, priest, and king. Jesus fulfilled each of these. So, what was a prophet? What was his or her role? How did Jesus fulfill the prophetic role and redefine the prophetic calling for God’s people of the New Covenant? In Deuteronomy 18:14-22 God explains what a prophet is to be and why the people of God should require them. Essentially, while a priest goes to God on behalf of the people (think sacrifices and atonement for sin), a prophet is to go to the people on behalf of God to deliver His message. Jesus not only performed this job in a supreme and ultimate way, He is the Word of God, the Word made flesh (John 1:1). Jesus is the full revelation of God. The Church of Jesus Christ filled and influenced by His Holy Spirit is called to hear the voice of the Lord still today, obey it, and proclaim it. We are also called to be the megaphone for His Word to continue to pierce through the dark of a broken and distorted world. After all, His voice was first: “Let. There. Be.” It created, and it is recreating still.


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