God Doesn’t Do Contracts


Today I write of afterthoughts of yesterday and foretastes of Sunday. The word covenant is one of the greatest words in all of scripture. It appears when God comes to Noah after the Flood, giving the rainbow as a sign. However, I don’t think Genesis 6 is the first place we see it. In fact, I think we have to look no further than Genesis 1 and 2. We see God with Adam and Eve (two parties), a promise given, conditions established, and the consequences of violating. Then, when the first humans break the covenant God Himself makes the first animal sacrifice clothing them in skin, doing for them what they could not do for themselves.

In the ancient near east, covenants were not like contracts with loopholes and escape clauses. They were established in blood of an animal as two parties would “cut a covenant” and then walk through the blood path essentially saying, “If I break the covenant, may it be done to me as was done to this animal.” Broken covenants usually required at least one life as settlement. What God did was unheard of, the only true Covenant-Keeper paying settlement Himself for the party who would consistently be unable to keep our part.

This week we read not about the first covenant in scripture, but perhaps the most significant one – the one that will see its final fulfillment in Jesus Christ, the one through which all nations of the earth would be blessed. God made it with a man named Abram and his wife, Sarai. God has a plan. It’s a good plan. And He chooses to use the very creatures that break trust time and time again. Why? Because He’s not interested in a broken contract. He made the covenant, and no matter what, He will keep it.


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  1. As I said in one of my other responses I will never look at a rainbow the same again, I will now not be able to look at the covenant that God has with us the same after making the connection I made this morning after a cup of coffee and reading the good book and some prayer. After asking God to reveal himself to me on a daily basis, this morning after reading this post, he reveled himself to me about his covenant he made with us coupled with what Pastor Jonathan wrote. I’ll admit reading the marathon reading plan I do not comprehend everything and often times I forget where to go re-read stuff but when I re-read it and think about what is actually being said something else is revealed now and that I’m aware of what is happening and thought it was so amazing. With the meaning of what a covenant is on the table now; we see that only one person walks through the isle of the sacrifice from what the bible says. While there might be some other books out there that theologists use to study but I do not have those handy to research, but from looking at the text we have presented to us: God is the only one to walk down that aisle. He took the promise for both of us, it’s like basically we were not invited to walk down the aisle because he knew we couldn’t up hold our end of the bargain and in modern terms he is saying I got this, don’t you worry.

    That brings a whole new meaning to what the modern society thinks about the typical covenant we take publicly when we say: I’ll love you for better or for worse…I do. Now, think about it, what if you would be torn apart like Pastor Jonathan highlighted for not holding up your side the table in the covenant? I think that would change things big time for us as a race, but God new we couldn’t do it and he offered to be torn apart for us. To think this is what literally happened to Jesus, he was torn apart on the cross for us and it goes back to this very covenant.

    I don’t know about you but I’ve got a new way of thinking about what a covenant is and the covenant we have with our God. For a week now I’ve been asking God to reveal himself to me through his word and this was the result this morning and had to share it with y’all–thank you god.

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