What Are You Reaching For?


What amazes me about the Tower of Babel is that in the Genesis account it is directly after the Flood! God has promised to never “cleanse” the earth to that degree again on account of human wickedness, and the very next thing He must contend with is the Tower of Babel. (For a deeper dive into the meaning of this event, take 8 minutes to check out this video: The Tower of Babel: Seven Minute Seminary) What I’d like to focus on today is one simple thought. The Tower of Babel helps us understand one more aspect of the human condition, the great and tragic downward spiral that began in Genesis 3 . . .

We have started reaching for divinity and stopped reaching for the Divine.

God had made Adam and Eve in His image, He had given them all they needed for life, abundant and perfect. The serpent then suggested that God had forbidden the fruit because He knew that eating it would cause Adam and Eve to “be like God.” Have you noticed a struggle in your own soul to reach for divinity rather than reaching for the Divine, reaching for god-likeness instead of reaching for God Himself? Rather than taking a moment to answer this question right now, I would like you to take this question with you today in the following prayer:

Creator God, loving Father, you made humans for relationship and provided everything we need. You made me to know You and be known by You, to be loved by You and to return that love. I give you this day. Walk with me. Talk with me. Reveal to me how I like my ancestors sometimes stop reaching for You and begin reaching for ways to be what only You are meant to be. Thank you that I don’t have to try to be like You apart from You, but that I was made in your image to begin with. Amen.



  1. These past few days I have been struggling with just this , trying to do it all on my own .Then the whirlwind comes and God alone has revealed to me that He is the one that I need to listen to and to be more like him. I am struggling with the loving part the part that goes like this ,” I need to love like Christ loves ” when some one hurts my heart so bad that its so hard to love. but then again I am reminded of all the hurt our Savior has endured , the forgiveness that Jesus has done ,to be more like Christ is to forgive, love, and I can love because he loved us so much he took the beatings and he still loves us through the hurt, my goal in 2015 is to be more like Christ everyday to love more each day , I needed this prayer today, you all have a blessed day .

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