Guest post by Elijah Supper

This morning as we prepare to gather as the people of God I thought it might be fitting for today’s post to come from one of the people of God at Shalimar UMC. This is a post from Elijah Supper as he was reflecting last week on the reading for day 7. Enjoy!

As I think of the readings we have done and the readings ahead there is so much that is intriguing and as I just told my wife I could spend hours trying to research what I’m reading.

I guess I’m a day ahead on the readings of the marathon race we’ve set out on to read the bible in a year, but the readings for day 7 made me go back to the readings of day 1 and day 6 to and I noticed the reference to dust and ashes.  First in Genesis 2 as we were created from dust and ashes, then again in Genesis 13 when God tells Abraham he will make his offspring like dust and if anyone could count the dust they would be able to count his offspring. Then in Genesis 15 when God tells him to count the stars if he can, then so will his offspring be.  I don’t know what the significance of this is but it really stood out to me. 

When I think about it dust is almost invisible unless you have more than one dust particle next to each other, we would never notice our house is dusty if it was just one particle, but when the house is dusty its a lot of particles close together. God talks to Abraham about the amount of offspring he is going to have a couple times but yet only talks to him once about the son Sarah is going to have.  It makes me think how many times has God talked to me about the many different things of my life, but I miss the one thing he has said to me and as a result I try to take things into my control for that one thing.  Its just so interesting when the word of God grabs your attention.


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