It’s Coming . . .

What if there was one great story from which all other stories came? The fatal flaw, the victorious underdog, the tragic lover, the super human, the battle between good and evil… Shalimar UMC will journey through the Bible in 2015 to explore how a sacred collection of ancient books can contain so many stories that are each a part of one GREAT STORY, and how that great story intersects with the stories each one of us is seeing unfold in our lives and our world. We invite you to read through the whole story with us in 2015 with some original reading plans. You can read through the whole Bible in 2015. You can spend time in the Bible every day with a daily plan of smaller portions. Or you can spend one sitting engaging our weekly reading in preparation for the message any given upcoming Sunday. This blog will offer reflections as we move through the daily and weekly readings. Posts will start appearing in this space January 1. You may comment on posts with your own responses or reflections as we encounter the great story together. If you click the menu icon in the upper left of this page you will find a page for each reading plan. You can click on an Old Testament or New Testament reading and it will open that reading for you to have right there on your screen. Also in the upper left corner there is a file folder icon. Here, you can access the archive or subscribe to follow this blog either by email or WordPress. If you subscribe by email, every time a post is published you will immediately receive it by email. Our hope is that all of us at home as well as those members of our faith community who are deployed, TDY, and abroad for other reasons can remain connected and engaged through this medium. We invite you to the journey, we invite you into THE GREAT STORY, and hopefully we will all find our place in it.