Glow in the Dark Stars and the Light of the World

Liz had a great idea when we were faced with a post-Christmas dilemma. Since Noah’s bottom bunk is situated underneath and perpendicular to the top bunk, and since his bedroom light stays off most of the day, the glow in the dark stars, planets, and moons that we had had so much fun sticking on the underside of the top bunk were disappointingly invisible at bedtime. As we were getting rid of our desk, Liz suggested we take the bendy-arm desk lamp and point it at the stars. This would do two things – charge up the stars and allow us to read bedtime stories in bed. My wife rocks!

As we finished up our Bible stories, with great anticipation Liz clicked off the lamp. We could hear each other smiling as we gazed up at the overhead glow in the dark scene.

Liz: “Hey Noah, do you notice how the ones that were closest to the light glow the brightest?”

Me: “Now, if that’s not a sermon illustration!”