Eating or Sowing?

This morning in staff meeting our preschool director shared a message from a past Beth Moore study. A community in Africa was stricken with a level of poverty we can barely comprehend and children were literally starving. Missionaries would try to minister to them and give them supplies of seed. They realized a phenomenon taking place. Families were eating the seed instead of sowing it for a harvest. This, of course, not only meant the seed did not fulfill its intention of future provision, but even its present provision of nourishment was distorted and insignificant.

This past week at Shalimar UMC we looked at the core value of faithful stewardship. I honestly have to confess this one has been one of the hardest for me. The message shared this morning hit me on several levels. First, how much “seed” that I receive (spiritual nourishment, physical health, my paycheck, etc.) am I simply eating? What I mean is am I simply receiving it on the spot in such a way that it makes me feel good, tickles my intellect, or fulfills my needs but has little consequence on anyone else’s life or my future? Or am I sowing it for a future return? I am also convicted about being a seed giver. Am I giving enough seed, and seed of good quality, to others? Along with giving seed, am I showing others with my life how to harvest the seed that they receive? This is not just a conviction for pastors. It is the calling of the Church, representatives of Christ bringing others into the feast of the Kingdom.

So, I pass on to you the question that is working on my soul today – Am I eating or sowing? It’s a great time to be a sower.