The Witnesses Are Running


Thank you Allen Newton for sharing this video at last week’s ILI Regional Conference in Montgomery, AL.

I always read Hebrews 12:1-2 and picture a football stadium. But the position of the “cloud of witnesses” is significant. They are in the stands. The field is the realm of mortals still working through the plays of life. The stands are for those saints throughout the ages who rest from their offensive and defensive labor to cheer us on as we run in the footsteps of their past. Surely there are some in the box seats waving through the windows – Moses, Elijah, and King David perhaps.

However…this beautiful video seems to be a little closer to the heavenly reality on earth. The saints are on the field. The witnesses are running with us! And praise God that though we cannot see, our faith is the substance of those things that are surrounding us, supporting us, and sustaining us as we work plays beyond our capacity.

I don’t watch this and empathize with the adult players, simply wishing I could cheer this boy on. I empathize with Jack, a boy running his heart out well beyond his capacity and running the play of his life believing that the miracle he is seeing is a reality. He’s actually making it to the end zone.


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