Acts, week 2

Weekly Reading: Acts 3-8:4

Small Group Discussion Questions

  1. How do you feel when you hear of Christians getting killed for their faith?
  2. Not everyone is happy when you share your faith with them. Have you ever encountered this?
  3. How did the early Church respond to suffering and persecution?
  4. At the end of chapter 2 and the end of chapter 4, the experience of the Holy Spirit caused the community of believers to value people more than possessions. Do we? How do we live it out?
  5. What does the controversial story of Ananias and Sapphira in Acts 5:-11 teach us about the relationship between the Holy Spirit and the Church?
  6. In the Craig Keener’s bible study, he suggests that if the Jesus movement was manmade it would have been crushed before the end of the book of Acts. What has convinced you personally that God is in the Church and the movement of Christianity?
  7. Stephen’s death accomplished 3 significant results – a message that God is not localized in the Temple, the scattering of the Church, and a seed sown in the heart of Saul (who would become Paul). How have you ever seen God turn tragedy to good?

Sermon: “The Church Perseveres”

ACTS, Part Two

Text: Acts 5:33-35, 38-40 (CEB)

To listen to the sermon, CLICK HERE, slide to about 23:03, and wait a minute for it to start at the beginning of the sermon. Or, don’t fast forward and enjoy the whole service!


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