If you give a dog more speed, it’ll chase more cats

As I was perusing Dollar General for a certain kind of pen I heard John Tesh’s undeniable voice on the overhead. He had found research showing that with touchscreen technology, smaller devices, and apps at fingertips our productivity and level of meaningful contribution has actually declined. What has increased is the amount we consume. Reading is now supposedly easier (in electronic form), more accessible. So what do we do? We watch more entertainment. We update Facebook with tidbits of how our life is going with much less thought and fewer characters than even sending an email to friend or family, much less writing a letter.

The bottom line is: we are, by nature, consumers. We deceive ourselves in thinking that technological advances will change our character or nature. Perhaps with more means and more resources, there’s a better chance we’ll do more good. Consume less, be satisfied, give more, do more. But the result of our nature is the same. The quantity of result is proportionate to means and resources. More technology, more of what we already do, whether for greater love and service or selfishness, consumption, and insatiable hunger to fill voids.

P.S. I had to get the pens somewhere else.


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