“How Faith Works” a sermon on James 2:1-17

This is a video of our 11:07 service from last Sunday at Shalimar United Methodist Church. I preached this sermon, had the service recorded, and submitted it as part of the requirements for ordination in the United Methodist Church.

Thanks for watching. Grace and peace.



  1. I HOPE you record the other two in the this series because it just wouldn’t be fair.. Well to ME LOL… Thinking about that puzzle and how it transforms..like a kaleidoscope..I am hoping that the picture didnt change and that MY place in YOUR puzzle is still open..Right now there I would love to FALL right back into the space I left vacant.. On another note I think back at how we recruit new pieces and watch how they mozy around until THEIR space become apparent. About 1 1/2 years ago a lady with her two daughter showed up Sunday morning and we welcomed them.. They said the LAST church they went to never even introduced themselves during youth and they never went back.. ONE of those ladies SINGS Hosanna in this video.. Amazing !!!… I LOVE AND MISS You all very very much !!



    1. JT, sorry it took me a week to reply. I saw it shortly after you posted. Thank you!! Great thoughts on the puzzle/kaleidoscope. And don’t worry for a minute about your vacancy. Since the puzzle is the Body of Christ, and in a way all local churches are different areas of the puzzle or perhaps different puzzles united on one dining room table, the metaphor must stretch. It’s understand that with God leading us all we are led (with our gifts, personalities, strengths, etc.) to different places at different times for different seasons to bear the Image. Thus, you are exactly where God has you for the time. As far as Shalimar, you are SO missed! But God was not surprised by your vacancy. He has worked, is working, and will work in it both at Shalimar and in Korea. You are an agent of His Kingdom wherever you find yourself this side of heaven, dear brother.



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