Post Easter Beacon article

Greetings Saints!

HE IS RISEN!! I hope you had a terrific Easter and that you were able to know the power of Jesus’ Resurrection (Phil. 3:10). I write to you on Monday, the day after Easter. And we have cause as a church for celebration. In the Beacon two weeks ago, Pastor David posed an exciting challenge to us – to invite people to our Easter services, pray for people to come, and to “think about what the SUMC Campus would look like with 2,000 people.” Yesterday was Easter, and we had 1,836 people here to worship the Risen Lord! I don’t share this to boast in numbers, but to praise God for leading people here to encounter Him.

The power of our God is that in Him life springs from dead things. We celebrated yesterday God’s greatest example of bringing eternal life for all humanity out of an empty tomb in victory, conquering for us sin and death. And this has always been the essence of Christian faith. This is why in the eleventh chapter of Hebrews, even Old Testament figures like Abraham are lifted up as examples of Christian faith. Long before Christ, Abraham had faith that the one true God could bring life out of the empty tomb of Sarai’s womb. And He believed God for what He said He would do enough to follow Him anywhere. May God burst forth life from our empty tombs!

Grace and peace,
Pastor Jonathan


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