Is God the Author of Evil?

Perhaps the question of whether or not God “created” evil is akin to the question of whether God created the chair. Of course, we easily dismiss the notion that God created the chair while understanding that nothing exists outside of God’s creation. Our explanation is that God created wood and God created humans with intelligence. With our intelligence and the gift of reflecting God’s creative energy, man created the chair while not doing so outside of or with elements beyond what God created. With evil, God created angels (good) and He apparently gave them free will (good) which He also gave to humans. Angels (namely, Lucifer) and humans (Adam and Eve first) used their life and free will (gifts within God’s good creation) to do evil, to turn from God in a rebellious fashion and do that which is against His character, nature, and desire, thus accomplishing evil. However, it would be different to say that God is the “author” of evil. God simply provided the resources and the freedom for His creation to accomplish evil. And the saddest irony: it was all out of love that He did so.

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  1. Excellent point; really like the chair analogy. In a similar way, it is like when people point to technology causing people to be bad in some way…such as considering the Internet to be a bad thing because of the potential for people to do evil. Most technologies are amoral (neutral), it is how people use them that is either moral or immoral. Why then would we blame God, who gives us life itself, shows us the good path, and without which nothing good could come, and gave us His Son, who overcame evil to give us good in the life to come?I also think of the saying, "You don't understand how good you've got it." To some extent, to do good we also need to have an understanding of evil — which is what people who make this comment are usually referring to. That is not to say we need to do evil, but we need to know it exists. That knowledge allows us to not only help those who are exposed to wrongs, but also helps us be grateful for what we have, and so both parties are blessed. We tend to take many of our blessings for granted.Perhaps the reason we are here is not to be perfect and shielded from evil, but rather to learn from the consequences of our actions and the actions of others, even if we didn't "deserve" it, and learn to make the best of the circumstances we are given, despite the evils in the world, and God will make up for the rest. Will we make good and moral choices even when it is hard, or will we abandon principle because it seems to us that is the way of the world? What does that really accomplish, other than a self-fulfilling prophecy in the wrong direction? In the end, with the total picture, none of us deserve eternal life except Jesus, but that is the blessing promised to the faithful.



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