Top 10 Texts

Saturday, 10:35a.m. As I prepare mentally and spiritually to proclaim the good news at church in the morning, I receive the following text from a church member:


“You should see our Lord at work at my home. God is so good.”

I can’t think of many texts I would wish to receive more as a pastor! Then I got to thinking. In our age of typographical communication, what texts would I love to receive as a pastor? Or as a son of God, follower of Christ, husband, father? Below are some in no particular order that I’ve come up with for my eventual Top 10. This is a working list off the top of my head and heart. As a devotional exercise I found it spiritually enriching. It took way more time to think than type.

I would love to hear some of yours! Given the roles you play in life and the things that help form your identity, what are some text messages that would be on your Top 10 list?

  • “I love you. -Liz”
  • “God told me to tell you He’s proud of you…and He called you son.”
  • “You should see our Lord at work at my home. God is so good.”
  • “Revival happening. Come.”
  • “Prayer answered.”
  • “Noah’s doing that thing you do again.”


  1. There are several other good ones at this website: of my favorites:Smile! It will make you look better. Pray, it will keep you strong. Love, it will make you enjoy life.Jesus Christ died for me, And now I live for Him; To Heaven He ascended, my place to prepare.The new life I have is a life lived by Jesus; At the right hand of God, He directs my path.I am dead to sin but alive to God in Christ; Possessing the glorious hope, with Jesus in eternal life.



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