How Did Jesus Plug In?

As a new pastor, I already struggle with how to feel like my ministry is “100%” in terms of faithfulness and fruitfulness. Perhaps if you are in a ministry career, or even just a disciple of Christ trying to fulfill His commission, you do too. I feel the need to plug into the power source of God because, after all, it’s His ministry. I just can’t seem to access the divine power plant. Then, I remember something the Holy Spirit spoke to me once. Jesus’ ministry was not 100% because He was “plugged in” to the divine power of God. It was because He “only did what He saw the Father doing” (John 5:19). This was the guarantee for success! All the sudden, ministry and mission seem not limited to just the objective power of God, but the very heart and will of God that we are to abide in. Jesus did not say we have to understand why the Father is doing a certain thing, just that our goal must be to discern what the Father is doing and then commit to that end. Imagine how the power of God’s Holy Spirit would be unleashed upon this world if only the Church, a minority of the global population, did that – focused all our spiritual energy only on looking for what the Father is doing and then joining that work, following that voice. This is how the Kingdom is breaking in and how it will be “on earth as it is in heaven.”



  1. Excellent thought. It is so easy for us to get caught up in other things. There were a lot of distractions and other things in my life that would tend to overshadow the plain and pure Gospel of Jesus…until the point where I just no longer felt happy. I would have the occasional moments that I lived for, where we would focus on Jesus and talk about the pure Gospel, but then there were a lot of extras and a lot of diverted focus. Now, in the past few months, focusing on Jesus more squarely in SUMC, things have really turned around for the better. I feel a stronger desire to be closer to Christ now than at any point in my life…despite having spent most of my life trying in many different fashions. I hope we can all remember what is important, and not get bogged down in other things.



  2. Sam, I appreciate your comment and I'm grateful to get to be a part of your journey. I admire your "simplicity" of faith in that Christ is your focus and other things that once were clouding that focus have become peripheral. I am thankful that God is not only the author of our faith, but the perfecter as well.



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