The Heart of God in Christ

I love having a blog, but unfortunately I find that I often don’t feel like a have much to say. Preaching is one thing (finding an inspiring combination of “Scripture” and “idea”), but I haven’t quite figured out how to keep the blogwheel turning. Consequently I have two major blog problems – 1) I don’t post often, and when I do 2) the post is long. This post is a two-fold victory. I just posted a week ago, and this post is just short food for thought :). I hope it enriches you even in a minuscule way.

Two verses occurred to me simultaneously the other night as I was praying and I put them together to draw a conclusion I had never thought of. Now, right off hand I know that methods like these are how heresies are born but go with me for a few moments and hear out the conclusion. Then, feel free to leave tirades of appalled horror in the comment section.

Scripture tells us that “out of the mouth the heart speaks.” I am aware that this is a proverb, a truth by which we humans are to live wisely. But I believe this also sheds amazing light on God’s act of speaking creation into being. He created/spoke from His own heart. (Now, if that’s not flattering!) Scripture also tells us that Jesus Christ is “the Word [Which] became flesh and dwelt among us.” Jesus is the “Word” of God. While human reason is limited and corrupted, it seems one could conclude from these two witnesses of Scripture that Jesus, in a sense, is God’s heart made flesh (or at least the content of God’s heart). He is the incarnate Son of God by Whose life of words and acts we can witness the substance of God’s own heart.

So, you want to know the heart of God? Look at the Person of Jesus Christ.

Out of God’s heart He SPOKE all things into being. And Jesus is not just something God spoke among all the other spoken things. He is the very Word of God Himself.


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