Going Through the Motions

In C. S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity he talks about “not feeling it” in regards to the Christian life with God. His basic point is that Christian discipline is a virtue of action regardless of feeling. It is obedience, not to be confused with obedience to the Law, but obedience to Christ with Whom we are to be in relationship and in Whom we are to remain even on the days we “don’t feel it.” Because we cannot always stay on the Mount of Transfiguration (pitching tents and hanging out as Peter desired), we must accept that most of our time will be spent in the valley. Of course, we have the Holy Spirit of God that Jesus the Son sent to be with us in the in-between time – the time after His ascension in the body but before His returning in the body at the final Resurrection Day. In summary, on a Saturday that I’m lacking motivation I’m having to remind myself that “going through the motions” has been given a bad rap by my generation of church-goers, but going through the motions is exactly what we’re supposed to do when we are “not feeling it.”

May we read the words on the page even when it doesn’t seem like the “Word of God” that it might have yesterday (the Holy Spirit will still indwell the words to make them Word if we are obedient…and if we ask Him).

May we pray when we do not know what to say or frankly don’t feel like conversing (Jesus has already been praying for us at the right hand of the Father before we begin and the Holy Spirit interprets are prayers even when they do not consist of words).

May we worship out of thanksgiving even if we are feeling other “lesser” emotions or attitudes. He has done great things for us even when other circumstances or experiences seem to take more space in our memory and attention.

And may we love Him and others in every way we know how.

So…here I go…